Nahuel del Valle

creative designer & developer.

about me

UX/UI Designer & Frontend. Working as UX/UI Designer and studying Web Design and Development at DaVinci university. I have a passion for craft and a bias for making. I am constantly trying to learn and apply this new knowledge in new projects.

interfaces designs

Guardo, (Figma), Guardo is the faster and easier way to collect, organize and bookmark any link on the web, see it live

Listas, (Figma), Listas is the new way to collect and share your knowledge, see it live (not in production yet)

MACAS, (Figma, HTML, CSS), an electron app to easily spoof your mac addresss, see it on behance, see it live

tsplay, (Figma, Illustrator), a minimalist and modern TypeScript playground link shortener, see it live.

webout, (Figma), a good tool to stream terminal sessions, see it on behance, see it live.

tech things

Pizza Slicer, (HTML, CSS, Javascript), a simple web page to calculate the price of the slices pizzas u eaten, implemented design from scratch. see it live.

Weight Converter, (HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript), a simple and minimalist weight converter, see it live.

Number Fact Generator, (HTML, Javascript), a cool and simple, random number fact generator, see it live.

Name Meaning, (HTML, CSS, Javascript), a colorfull page that gives you the meaning of your name (only names in Spanish), see it live.

get in touch

Thanks for looking at my portfolio! if you want to contact me feel free to send me an email